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Prior censorship and blackmailing as illegal abuse of official position - Ennakkosensuuri ja kiristäminen virka-aseman laittomana väärinkäyttönä

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Liittynyt: 31 Tam 2007
Viestejä: 10832

Linkki viestiinViesti 12500  Ma 19 Jou 2016, 4:08 (GMT+3)  Aihe: Prior censorship and blackmailing as illegal abuse of official position - Ennakkosensuuri ja kiristäminen virka-aseman laittomana väärinkäyttönä Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

This is what happened to me after my criminal notifications leaked illegally to a psychiatrist I have never seen while trying to get at last some help against our bully neighbours in upstairs:

Transportation and hunting by ambulance to mental health assessments due to illegal crime report leaks from police to psychiatry -
Ambulanssilla mielenterveyden arvioon jahtaamista laittomien rikosilmoitusvuotojen jälkeen poliisista psykiatrille

I haven't forgotten what happened 23.10.2015. I was writing my morning pages through the noon when there begin traffic and disturbance at the door. There was an ambulance man knocking to open the door, which was really shocking in the midst of my writings. I called my Christian lawyer friend who told me that there is no need to open the door without any legal justification. So I went to the closet, after what more people were coming to the door. There were police asking me to come along and I insisted on seeing the legal justification, which they had not. When the maintenance man began to remove the safety lock, my lawyer friend said it's better to go along. My son was very shocked and video recording everything, in what situation our bully neighbours were clanking and jumping exultant over the floor upstairs, which can be heard on the recordings. So they had not to, but I had to go to the ambulance when everyone was staring at me and the policemen around. The ambulance was in much worse condition than I was and the ride was terrible because of worn out shock absorbers there in the Helsinki city health care ambulance. When coming back couple hours later, the ride was better with my son's car. When getting back to home I put this CD on, which had been my only power through the hell, and I continued writing my morning pages after the incident. It was not just that, and it did not end there because one week later the ambulance was sent to me again, but now the police did not come to open the door, so the ambulance went away without me, but they ruined my patient records at Kanta.

After this summary, where I told what has happened and printed it to ten doors, ambulance was sent again to pick me up, but the police did not give any executive assistance, so they went away:

Ambulance and police mission 23.10.2015

In early June, the new neighbours moved upstairs, and after that, we have not had any more night silence. It has been continuing from night to night with banging around and with other noise, which has reached mainly just for us downstairs. When I tried to say beautifully directly to neighbours, it was unnoticed, after what the following few written communications led to a cruel revenge, wherein the night-time the floor was thumped and the goods were dropped. Since Heka did not care to intervene, I started to videotape noise, of which there is another resident as a witness, which is not taken into account. Now, on early Sunday morning 1.11.2015, he woke up from the noise from upstairs at four o'clock in the morning when I got some sleep with a silicone earplug in my ear. After seven o'clock began a new uproar, which, according to the law is possible, why during this half a year we have not been able to sleep any morning in peace any longer because of their door flinging, bouncing the ball on the floors and other noise when they are rising up. When the situation is so bad, when the bullying is not discouraged even the information how sick from the tick bites and other I am, I made about the events a criminal complaint and the notice of disruptive home living, to which I did not ask the names of other residents, when we were left alone with the problem. When we visited Heka's office 24.9.2015, when I was awfully tired, I let the housing advisor a permission to reserve to me a time at the health centre, where she would come with me. The shock was terrible, when I noticed from Kanta, that in my medical files had appeared the words, that according to the housing advisor, I could have hallucinations. I complained of that issue also to the police, and I had to see extremely trouble to correct those entries of that kind have not been even once in the past 55 years. While in contact with the police, I was wondering peculiar questions about my person rather than a criminal complaint, which seemed to be beside the point. When the damage had already occurred, it became clear to me that I communicated only with the psychiatric nurse, who works in the police station. During our visit to the police station, there was none of the police present, just this psychiatric nurse, housing advisor and we both residents who suffer from the noise. I did not know at the time 21.10.2015, that the investigation itself had been decided one day before. After seeing my tiredness, the psychiatric nurse wanted to book a doctor's time for me also getting more specific somatic studies. I could hardly agree on the basis of the past experience, but when the nurse praised to the skies the doctor, I agreed. The time was got on Friday 23.10.2015, and there would be the nurse and we both residents, while the housing advisor would be unable to attend. It did not take a long time from my offspring to come to other thoughts, and he asked me to cancel the time, which I did on Thursday - and after what run just a day when the ambulance and the police began to slap to the stairwell. Peer support, I had on the other end of the phone the vice judge, who said there is no need for me to open the door without any legal justification, which I can ask to see even through the mail slot. Only when the maintenance man was ordered to open the door, my lawyer friend said that maybe it is then best to go along. I changed my clothes while my shocked offspring was following the matter and said he was coming after me. The ambulance ride was slow and bumpy, after which I discussed with a nurse and with a doctor in the hospital, after what I got off the same road. The next day, I noticed in Kanta that my criminal reports were leaked from the psychiatric nurse without my permission and illegally to a psychiatrist, who had put me in the ambulance for picking up to the hospital. Without the cancellation of the time I would have never got to know that from the police premises are leaked out criminal reports without permission and illegally forward, after which the psychiatrist can work as a police officer and with the assistance of the police pick up and put anyone into the treatment, when the counterpart gets away without nothing. Such abuse is examined thoroughly and when booking times for the doctor it's better to rely just on yourself or trusted friends or relatives. We are waiting at least now from Heka a new suitable accommodation, where we can sleep nights in peace and quiet after all this terror.

Quotes from here.

In my mental health assessment, it came clear to me that I am not the only one whose criminal reports are leaking from police to hospital, where anyone can read them! People who are trying to get justice are directed to a psychiatrist.

When I tried to tell my point of view, an ambulance was sent again to pick me up! What the hell is happening in Finland? It was 2.11.2015 after I visited the Surgery hospital where I heard they are not going to operate me anymore, so I would have to suffer until the end of my life. Hearing that was a terrible shock to me and I go to bed at home with my beanie on my sore head. While resting there, I hear loud noises at the door, and I think they are our neighbours hacking again. Then my son sees an ambulance out there and reads from Kanta that they are coming again because of my writings, where I told my point of view. I have written my whole life, and this was the first time I was handled like this. But police did not give any administrative assistance to open our door again, so the ambulance went away, but they ruined my patient records in Kanta against the truth like our terrible uproar problem would just have been "paranoid symptom picture" and "acoustic hallucinations" as you can read here.
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Liittynyt: 31 Tam 2007
Viestejä: 10832

Linkki viestiinViesti 12868  La 24 Jou 2016, 19:39 (GMT+3)  Aihe: Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

Olen saanut poliisilta ja psykiatrilta niin hyvää hoitoa, että tämä on jo toinen joulu, jolloin en ole lähettänyt yhtään joulukorttia.

Hoito on ollut niin tuloksekasta, että arvauskeskuskäyntini ovat tyystin lopahtaneet!

Seuraavassa arvailua Amerikan malliin opettajasta, joka erehtyi luokassa laittamaan vaipan päähänsä, kun jotakuta oli lapsettanut tunnilla. Koulun johdon saatua tietää asiasta hänet häädettiin pois. Yksinhuoltajana huolissaan työpaikastaan hän kävi lääkärissä, joka ehdotti käyntiä Millwoodin sairaalassa.

Samana iltana Millwoodissa kyseltiin, onko hänellä ollut itsemurha-ajatuksia. Vastattuaan kenelläpä niitä ei olisi ollut, ja vitsinä, että Texasissa on helppo saada ase, kaikki paikallaolijat olivat nauraneet - hän, vertaistukena mukana ollut pastori ja Millwoodin neuvonantaja.

Tuntia ennen puolta yötä häntä saatettiin pitkää käytävää pitkin, jonka varrella oli huoneita, joissa ei ollut pöytiä, vaan pelkästään sänkyjä. Hänen piti riisuutua alusvaatteisilleen, ja vasta silloin hän tajusi joutuneensa suljetulle osastolle.

Voin ymmärtää tämän opettajan itkiessä videolla, kuinka paljon hänen sisässään on rikki ja vaurioitunut kaiken tapahtuneen takia:

Täytetään vuodepaikkoja keinolla millä hyvänsä!

Liioitellaan ihmisten oireita tai väännetään heidän sanojaan pitääkseen heidät hoidossa vastoin tahtoaan!

Lukitaan ovet ja pidetään potilaita lukkojen takana niin kauan, että heidän vakuutusrahansa ovat juosseet loppuun!

- BuzzFeed News on paljastanut hirveän epäkohdan, joista kaksi ensimmäistä on käytössä Suomessakin:

Locked On The Psych Ward

Lawmakers Sound Alarms On UHS Psychiatric Hospitals


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Liittynyt: 31 Tam 2007
Viestejä: 10832

Linkki viestiinViesti 12949  Ke 13 Syy 2017, 0:11 (GMT+3)  Aihe: Ja pahemmaksi menee vaan - sivuhuomautuksena ihmisoikeustaistelijoille! Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

Sunnuntaisuomalainen: Ministeriö selvittää, pitäisikö aikuisia panna pakkohoitoon löyhemmillä kriteereillä

Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriössä selvitetään, toimisiko aikuisilla pakkohoitoon määräämisessä sama järjestelmä kuin alaikäisillä, kertoo Sunnuntaisuomalainen.

Lue lisää täältä:

Ministeriön työryhmä on tehnyt samanlaisen ehdotuksen hallitukselle aiemminkin, jo vuonna 2005. Nyt mielenterveyslakia ollaan jälleen uudistamassa, ja ministeriö yrittää saada kriteerien muutoksen istuvan hallituksen käsiteltäväksi.

Satojen miljoonien lisälasku

Suomessa määrätään vuosittain tuhansia ihmisiä pakkohoitoon. Jos lähete hoitoon voitaisiin tehdä vakavan mielenterveyden häiriön perusteella, se tarkoittaisi myös lisää hoidettavia. THL:n Kärkkäinen ei osaa arvioida tarkkaa määrää mutta sanoo sen olevan ”melko paljon”.

– Muun muassa vakavasta masennuksesta kärsivät voisivat minun mielestäni tällöin päästä pakkohoitoon, hän kertoo esimerkkinä.

Jos pakkohoitoon määrättäisiin enemmän ihmisiä, se myös maksaisi enemmän. Hoidon kustannukset riippuvat laitoksen henkilökunnan määrästä ja koulutustasosta, mutta hinta on Kärkkäisen mukaan noin 500 euroa päivässä. Tästä voidaan laskea, että jos tahdosta riippumattomaan hoitoon otettaisiin tuhat uutta ihmistä, se tarkoittaisi yhteiskunnalle yli 182 miljoonan euron kustannuksia vuodessa.

Että tällaista meininkiä Suomessa, jota valmistellaan kaikessa hiljaisuudessa.

Tyhjillään olevat mielisairaalat uuteen kukoistukseen ja kaikki toisinajattelijat laitoksiin.

Herätys ihmisoikeustaistelijat, ennen kuin on liian myöhäistä!

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Message copied from here
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